Almonds: Botany, Production and Uses by Rafel Socias i Company,Gradziel,T.M.

By Rafel Socias i Company,Gradziel,T.M.

This e-book presents a finished review of almond turning out to be from a systematic and horticultural standpoint, protecting botany, construction, processing and business makes use of. Almonds are an enormous crop; they're very popular for his or her flavour, dietary houses and culinary makes use of, and almond oil is used greatly in nutrition, beauty and pharmaceutical construction. they're effortless to move and feature lengthy storability, facilitating worldwide dissemination. call for is continually expanding and international creation has greater than doubled within the final two decades. Authored by way of a world group of specialists and provided in complete color all through, this e-book is a necessary source for educational researchers and extension employees, in addition to growers, orchard managers and personnel.

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