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At Point Forward Inc., we provide you with complete automation integration including design, equipment selection, installation, service, and SCADA hosting.

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Programming and Design

Our team of Engineers, Programmers and Technology experts have the experience needed to design any application your company may need. From typical applications, to more sophisticated framework inside and out, the team at PointForward Inc. can advise, and implement any structure needed.

Control Systems • SCADA Systems • Instrumentation • Motor Control Centers • PLC • HMI
Drafting Services • Database & Software Development • SCADA Industrial Networks Security Review & Design

Vastly improved security network
Field Services

The services provided by PFI allows your company to have experts in the field and on location for any critical need, repair, design or monitoring. The field services team provides a start to finish service, plus on going service to meet the needs of your system. The many years of expertise in our services team are not limited to the listed specifications! Ask us about the many ways we can service your company.

Electricians • Instrumentation Techs • Engineering Techs • Automation Techs

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Panel Fabrication

Our in-house panel fabrication staff can provide custom built panel enclosures for large and small applications.

Custom Builds • OEM Builds • PLC Enclosures • Battery Enclosures
Communication Enclosures • UPS DC & AC Enclosures

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Hosted SCADA

PFI Hosted SCADA services is the solution to getting your data your way, and is the most powerful collection service available to the industry. For more information on our Hosted SCADA services, please contact us.

View Reports & Tank Levels Anywhere • Automated Regulatory Reports • Review Facility Data Prior to Dispatching
Real Time Alerts & Critical Notifications • Reduce Risk of Environmental Damages, Cleanup Costs & Fines